Autism Treatment Center Kuala Lumpur

Autism Treatment Center Kuala Lumpur

Chinese master, founders of The Tole Medical Center – Autism Treatment Center of Malaysia, are expert and powerful physician to be effective and totally unique in his treatment for children and adults challenged by Autism and related developmental difficulties. Chinese master treatment that anyone with these diagnoses had the potential for extraordinary healing and growth.

Since 1992, the Autism Treatment Center of Malaysia (The Tole Medical Center) has provided innovative treatment for children challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and other developmental difficulties. Over 1000 have been helped by Chinese master treatment at Autism treatment center Kuala Lumpur.

Treatment for Autism

The treatment is a comprehensive system of treatment designed to help children dramatically improve in all areas of learning, development, communication and skill acquisition. It offers highly effective development techniques for autism children to be cure.

Autism treatment center Kuala Lumpur also treats children with Autism by embracing the physical and emotional expressions of Autism with care and understanding. Instead of forcing a child to conform to a world they do not yet understand, we seek to engage the child in their world first, striving to understand what will be most effective to the individual child’s growth. Through enthusiastic and playful interactions, the children invite us into their world, and then we guide them into ours.

Herbal and Acupuncture Autism treatment by Chinese master in Autism Center Kuala Lumpur

An early treatment is very important, once had been diagnosed with Autism should seek for treatment as fast as possible. An early treatment for kids can boost the result of communication and speaks skills.

The Tole NeuroAcupuncture are using fine and small needles to puncture the scalp of the skin, it wouldn’t hurt your brain. Neuro Acupuncture can help to flow Qi (energy) in the brain to active the brain cells again. Regenerate the function of the brain cells so that they can send the signal to each others. Chinese Master had a very good experience by using Neuro Acupuncture to treat Autism kids. People come from others country just to meet Chinese Master to treat their kids Autism Spectrum. They come back every year to continue the treatment. Chinese Master provided intensive treatment for them. After a few session the kids, can slowly talk with other people and have a eye contact with others. Their parent feel so surprised for result, this make them come back every years everyday.

Chinese Master suggests taking The Tole Neuro acupuncture combine with Neuro Herbal Brain Powder. The Tole Neuro Herbal Brain Powder is created with a special herbal formula from Chinese Master. The herbal are planted by Chinese Master himself in his The Tole Garden. He plants the herbal himself because he wants to control the quality and effectiveness of the herbal. He believes the good quality herbal can treat the disease more efficiency. A lot of oversea patient order the Autism Neuro Brain Powder online. Their response is very good. Combined this two treatment together, they can have a more efficiency result in autism treatment.

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